2012 San Antonio Charcuterie Week

According to a recent tweet made by Restaurant Gwendolyn:

it looks like the city of San Antonio is going to enjoy a week long Charcuterie throw down by the following very popular San Antonio restaurants (and food truck):

As if the list of restaurants isn’t drool worthy enough, Restaurant Gwendolyn then tweeted the following example picture as an example of what to expect:

charcuterie week restaurant gwendolyn san antonio

So far it looks like there are only two rules:

  • Charcuterie plates are invited to be sold at $15 at all restaurants
  • Everything must be handmade and in-house!

This fabulous food fest is going to take place the week of Oct 23 through Oct 30. I don’t know about you but this looks like the treat I want to get on Halloween!

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