San Antonio has a NEW park complete with 2 dog parks (large dogs and small dogs nicely separated), a beautiful playground, and several short walking trails shaded by the harsh rays of San Antonio sun! Last Thursday I was invited to preview a park envisioned by the former Mayor Phil Hardberger, who proposed using the property to establish a world-class park!


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Dog Park

  • Separate areas for large dogs and small dogs
    • Includes separate entrances although you can walk from one to another
  • Water troughs to water and wash of canines
  • Ramps, dog houses, limestone benches
  • Everything is lined with thick mulch

Phil Hardberger Playground and Dog Park Park water fountains

Phil Hardberger Playground and Dog Park Park dog houses


  • Rubber areas
  • Slides, hopscotch, swings
  • Climbing rocks, twisty things, and jungle gyms

Phil Hardberger Playground and Dog Park Park san antonio playgrounds

Walking Trails

  • Although no trail is longer than .8 miles, you can hook into longer paths at the end of the trail
  • Shaded with lots of opportunities to see the flora and fauna including walks with local nature groups

.Phil Hardberger Playground and Dog Park Park walking trails

Phase 2 – which starts the summer of 2010

  • Permanent restrooms
  • Permanent education classroom where weekend classes will be offered to students and adults
  • Recreational fields for pick up football games
  • Scenic clearings
  • Another park entry

*Check out their website for all the developmental news!

Phil Hardberger Playground and Dog Park Park map

I posted all the pictures in a Facebook Album: Phil Hardberger Park | San Antonio, TX