2012 London Summer Olympics

During the 2010 Winter Olympics I enjoyed writing (one on the 2010 Winter Olympics and one on 2010 Olympics resources for parents, teachers, and kids). With the one year Open Weekend countdown starting in London this weekend, July 22-24, 2011, I thought this was the perfect time to start blogging for the summer Olympics!

When: July 27 through August 12 | 2012

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Following the Torch

2012 London Summer Olympics - Olympic torchOn May 18, 2012, the Olympic Torch will start the 70 day journey from Greece to the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. During the trip, it will be handed off by 8,000 different people, each with their own inspirational story!

  • Review each hand off location of the journey here
  • December 2011, the Olympic Torchbearers committee will let the nominees if they’ve been selected as one of the 8,000
  • Learn about the winning 2012 torch design here (designed by east Londoners Edward Barber and Jay Osgerb who won the design contest)
  • FAQs here


Olympic Social Media Stars

Olympic Social Media Stars



2012 London Summer Olympics - official Twitter and Facebook accounts

London 2012 Olympics


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2012 London Summer Olympics - 2012 London Festival

London 2012 Festival

The world’s leading artists in the UK’s biggest ever festival


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2012 London Summer Olympics - Mascots: Wenlock


Official mascot of the London 2012 Olympic Games


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2012 London Summer Olympics - Mascots: Mandeville


Official mascot of the London 2012 Paralympic Olympic Games


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2012 London Summer Olympics - Official Twitter and Facebook accounts of Olympic Committee


Official account of the Olympic committee.


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2012 London Summer Olympics - Seb Coe Twitter

Seb Coe

Chair of the London 2012 Organizing Committee and Olympic gold medalist.


See how he convinced the Olympic selection committee to choose London for the 2012 Summer Olympics here! Decision awarded July 6, 2005!

2012 London Summer Olympics -  Olympic Torch

London 2012 Torch Relay

8,000 inspirational people across the UK will be chosen to carry the Olympic Flame during the Torch Relay.

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2012 London Summer Olympics - Volunteer information: game makers

London 2012 Games Maker

Learn how to become one of the 70,000 volunteers and help make the games happen!

The journey to becoming a London 2012 Games Maker is a long one, so please be patient. Log in to the Games Maker zone regularly for news and updates to the status of your application, and get to know the thousands of other London 2012 Games Maker fans here on Facebook along the way.

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Olympic Park

Since winning the bid for the 2012 Summer Olympics, a previously lower end, industrial and contaminated section of London has been transformed into the perfect athletic setting for the summer games. Below are some pictures courtesy of the London Olympics press:

2012 London Summer Olympics - Olympic Park

Designs showing how the Olympic Village will look when complete. The Athletes’ Village will accommodate athletes during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

2012 London Summer Olympics - Athletes Village

An artist’s impression of how the Aquatics Centre will look inside during the Games.

2012 London Summer Olympics - Aquatics Center

A CGI rendering of the 80,000 seat Olympic stadium is unveiled, on November 7, 2007 in London, England.  Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell noted the focus of the project is based around legacy for the area, which is currently one of the poorest in London.

2012 London Summer Olympics - Olympics Map

Summer Games Feature 26 Sports

The London 2012 Olympic Games will feature 26 sports.

Sporting Events Schedule:

2012 London Summer Olympics - diving 2012 London Summer Olympics - soccer 2012 London Summer Olympics - gymnastics 2012 London Summer Olympics - triathlon 2012 London Summer Olympics - equestrian

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