#SpringtimeinParis Paper which Loves Paris


The inspiration for “Paper that Loves Paris” comes from my grandmother (who passed away last year at 97 years old) and her post-graduation adventures as a missionary in Paris, France. I want to retrace the places she visited and the city she fell in love with. We had a shared love of paper crafting, and I learned paper quilling so that I could capture the decadence of Parisian landmarks in the spring. I twisted hundreds of thin strips of paper that I cut myself, dotted them with glue, and affixed them to a beautiful 16”x20” Canson Art Board.

My grandmother, Mildred Virginia was born 31 July 1916 in Ebenezer, TN and lived to be almost 98 years old. She passed away in 2014 but not without sharing generous heart and love of adventures with us. In 1938, Mildred graduated from Florida State College for Women (now FSU) majoring in Education and instead of settling down, spent a year abroad, with a missionary group in Paris, France.


Michael’s #SpringtimeinParis Craft Contest featuring Canson paper:

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