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Twitter 101: Twitter Terminology

Tweet Class Objective: Twitter Terminology 1. Find out what everything means. 2. Understand Twitter ettiquette and syntax. 3. Learn what you can do with Twitter and why you might want to! Now that you’ve setup your account you might think it’s time to starting making friends on Twitter! Nope, that’s the next post. Before you […]

Twitter 101: Twitter Basics – The 5 W’s

Tweet Class Objective: Twitter Terminology Twitter Basics – Who, What, Where, When, Why Account Considerations – selecting the name, bio, and logo that will make your BEST statement. Creating an Account Settings – what everything means, preparing your account for the public! Although it’s easy to setup an account, the site is not completely intuitive. […]

WoW: Google, You Talking to Me?

Tweet Website of the Week (WoW): Quick Bit: Imagine being able to pick your own number (mine ends in “BLOG”) that forwards to all of your personal, business, and cell phones. Depending on who calls determines which prerecorded voicemail they’ll hear. Unknown numbers will get a standard response, employees will get announcements for the […]

Did you know? Post directly from Office 2007?!

Tweet This is a test. Apparently Microsoft Office Word2007 allows bloggers to post directly to their blogs. Here‘s a list of current service providers, including mine, WordPress. I am never the first to sing Window’s praises…but I’m curious! Why would I or anyone else be interested in this functionality? I have started to create templates […]

One Day, One Deal

Tweet What is woot?  Besides my favorite thing to check at midnight, is a great place to find gifts for everyone.  Like a chipmunk I stock up for the winter (last year got my sister and dad Garmin GPS for $67 bucks…) Normally there is one product listed on the website until they sell […]