Savings Nation | Erin Chase

What:  Savings Nation, a workshop hosted by

When:  March 30 from 6:30-8:30pm

Where:   Alamo Heights United Methodist Church in San Antonio

Cost:  $5 plus a canned good (both of which go to the San Antonio Food Bank!)

Erin will teach participants smart and simple ways to save BIG at the grocery store…basically how to spend less making small changes to the way you shop, use coupons and meal plan. She shares top tips and tricks for saving big…all while being healthier (she’s big on cooking from scratch and eating healthy).


Erin Chase, founder of $5, been The ViewThe Rachel Ray Show and ABC News. She grew up in San Antonio, lived outside the country for a while, came back and started her little blog…which sort of blossomed into a national phenomenon which led to a gig on Rachel Ray and two best selling cookbooks.



Why should you go??

  • Learn how to save 50% on groceries with coupon strategies for  local stores
  • Get valuable and exclusive tools to find the best deals and plan out meals every week
  • Connect with neighbors, make new friends, and find a savings buddy to help along the way
  • AND you’ll be supporting the local San Antonio Food Bank!

Savings Nation | Erin Chase


Alamo Heights United Methodist Church – 825 E. Basse Road | San Antonio, TX 78209 {map}

Brought to you by who believes the key to being a happy, healthy consumer is saving money on the things that you need in order to spend on the things that you want.  Find additional savings from them on their social media channels:


Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Tips | Chevy Haul

For an entire week, I had the luxury of driving around a 2012 Chevrolet Equinox, courtesy of Chevrolet’s Driving in the Heartland team, dedicated to the heartland of America! You can check out their website or follow their tweets, @ChevyTexan, for their latest adventures, offers, fantastic finds, and more.

As a savvy deal finder, I definitely wanted Chevrolet to get their money’s worth, I tweeted #chevyhaul like crazy and during Black Friday I managed to make it to 20 different stores, starting at midnight with my friend and fellow blogger Gita of the uber-fashion blog, Mimi and Chichi.

Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Tips

In preparation of Black Friday 2012, here are 10 things that every savvy Chevy Haul shopper should know:

1 – Do the math! It is very easy to think you’re getting a good deal on Black Friday. You wait the entire year for sales like these. The only day of the year Apple deems worthy of offering a discount…but to feel good at the end of the day, make sure you’re getting a good deal on quality items!

2011 Black Friday deals | Chevrolet Equinox

Walmart was offering an Emerson 32? 720p LCD TV for $188 but who could beat the quality and discounts offered by Best Buy’s Sharp 42” 1080p LCD HDTV for ONLY $199.99. Plus, with the Walmart horror stories on the news and talking with other shoppers in line, I doubt I’ll ever  visit Wallyworld on Black Friday.

2 – Map it out! With many stores opening at midnight (and some even opening on Thanksgiving day — too early if you ask me…) you’ll not only want to make sure you understand where you’re headed but WHEN you need to head there. Before I hit the road in my Chevy Equinox, I made a list of all the stores that opened early, in the order they opened here. There tends to be a gap between the stores that opened at midnight, and the next round that opens at 4-5am…this will keep you busy.

*Another thing to consider, visit stores more out of the way. Although the drive might be longer, the wait will be shorter and more variety will be left untangled. Especially for high demand items, go the extra 20 miles to a remote location that you know won’t be as hectic!

**Many stores open earlier but end the incredible sales before 11am or noon. Get there early if you want to get the best deals!

Click on the Foursquare image below to see the stores that I stopped at and the deals at the time.

2012 Chevrolet Equinox |  Black Friday Shopping

3 – Bring a snack! If you’re always snacking like my friend Gita and I you’ll want to bring some holiday leftovers (brusselsprouts and cookies) as well as some water and energy drinks. At every store we visited, people were complaining of hunger pains, impatiently waiting for the food courts and other restaurants to open. Crabby people make impatient shoppers who are more willing to just buy things they don’t want. Give your wallet a fair chance.

2011 Black Friday deals | Chevrolet Equinox

4 – Leave the kids at home! We were waiting in line at Old Navy, for 30 minutes outside (so many people showed up for the free digital camera, fire hazards limited the number of shoppers allowed in at one time…) and it was fairly cold for us Texans. In front and behind us were were sobbing toddlers, begging to go home. Finally, seconds before being let into the store, the mothers staggered off with their children. MAKE CHILDCARE ARRANGEMENTS! There are a lot of children friendly daycares, gyms, and play places that offer moms and dads Black Friday shopping drop offs, starting early in the morning until the afternoon.

*With the new midnight shopping time, I also noticed a LOT of tweens running loose at the mall. Apparently their parents dropped them off with friends, while waiting for their stores to open, you could see some inappropriate makeout sessions going on. PARENTS – shopping is not the only thing that goes on at the maul…I mean mall.

5 – Go big or go home! Some of the best deals that I saw being offered were in department stores! For all your houseware needs, Macy’s and Sear’s were the way to go!

  • KitchenAid Pro 500 Series Mixer for $199.99 at Sears
  • Macy’s offered 20% off additional Black Friday sale prices! Gita got amazing sheets, retailed at $600 for less than $250!

2011 Black Friday deals | Chevrolet Equinox

6 – Fight the Crowds! With the explosion of online Black Friday sales, who in their right mind would consider fighting the crowds when all of your shopping can be done from the comfort of your own home? I’ll give you one reason why. Every year, without fail, there are significant online outages or slowdowns because of the crazy amounts of traffic generated from the 20 million other people who want to shop from the comfort of their own homes.

I remember one year I spent 3 hours painfully fighting Kohls website, adding things to the shopping cart, trying to checkout with them, being told they were sold out or having my cart emptied prematurely. In 2.5 hours I probably could have fought the masses, tried on clothes, AND checked out! Never again!

7 – Keep it social! Above was a list of all my foursqaure check ins. Make sure you take advantage of all the social and in-store promotions being offered! Many Foursquare venues offered additional discounts to shoppers. At Old Navy, Gita won an additional coupon for being the first to bring up a nail file during a contest. Many retailers on Twitter offered their followers Twitter only coupons AND additional #hashtag contests. With everyone else busy shopping, the chances of your winning is increased greatly!

8 – Chevy-sized vehicle for haul! This year I was blessed to have a 2012 Chevrolet Equinox to haul around all our deals! Buy a new car, borrow a friends, clean out your trunk before hitting the road!

Our Equinox offered:

  • great gas mileage so we could go the distance
  • plenty of storage space for our shopping haul
  • comfy seats when we needed to give our feet a rest
  • hiding places so we didn’t get mugged (always be wary of your surroundings, don’t be sitting ducks…)

2011 Black Friday deals | Chevrolet Equinox

9 – Additional tips and tricks! Here are some more helpful tips and tricks for making the most out of Black Friday:

  • Sign up for email alerts from your favorite stores ahead of time
  • Buy the newspaper on Thanksgiving for printed coupons and tons of store ads (nice consolidated view for the last minute shopper)
  • Download a Black Friday mobile app like BF Ads that gets updated with new ads all the time, is easy to use, and works without an internet connection (mall 3g can be shady)
  • Shop the off hours! Old Navy was CRAZY and had a long line at midnight, but everywhere else we visited between 2am to 7am had virtually no lines! Traffic starts to pick back up around 7am…
  • Make sure you get a place in line. If you’re battling it out for the best Best Buy offer, get there early and get the ticket. Ask for one. You need proof you were there at 24 hours before midnight and not some random person who waltzed up when the clock struck 12.
10 – Shop with a buddy! Bring a willing and able friend (one who won’t make you feel rushed) to:
  • Stand in line while your searching for clothes
  • Run to the car to get coupons or snacks while you’re waiting to check out
  • Give you a second opinion on impulsive purchases
  • Let you borrow your phone if yours starts to die
  • Think of stores you might not have gone to
  • Keep you safe in numbers!
+1 more – BEST tip of all! I almost didn’t want to share this secret. I’m afraid that once it gets out EVERYONE will take advantage of it. But because I love my readers so much, I will share the best Black Friday shopping tip in the entire world:
This year, on the Wednesday BEFORE Black Friday, at my leisure, I went to several retailers and tried on the clothes that I wanted to buy on Black Friday. Waiting to try on clothes during Black Friday, especially at busy stores like Old Navy, Kohl’s, etc. is adding an additional hour to each store, at least. I tried on all the close that I liked, at my leisure, without them being picked over…and then I *gasp* placed them on layaway. On Black Friday, I waltzed into the store, headed straight to the counter, asked for my clothes, and walked out in about 15 minutes (the time it took to wait in the long line.) I received glares from other shoppers and looks of envy from others.
*There are some risks. Only one store that I went to had better deals the Wednesday before than the Friday of, but it did happen. Also, the people can always accidentally put the clothes back on the shelves (happened once on a non-Black Friday shopping trip…)

Driving in the Heartland invited me to:

So, what better way to ease some of that holiday shopping stress than by taking a brand new Chevy for a spin to get all of your shopping done in comfort and style? This year, Chevrolet will be giving five fabulous bloggers a Chevy vehicle to drive while they take on their holiday shopping throughout the Heartland. Three bloggers from Texas and two bloggers from St. Louis, Missouri, will be riding comfortably in Chevy cars and crossovers in the next few weeks, and you can follow along as they navigate the madness on Twitter using the hashtag #ChevyHaul.

Check out all the details here.

12 Days of Christmas Sales and Giveaways

Although the “12 Days of Christmas” normally occurs the day after Christmas, December 26 leading to the Feast of Epiphany, on the twelfth day, on January 6, the following retailers and talk show hosts are offering 12 days of giveaways, discounts, and prizes to get you in the holiday spirit!

Check back daily from now until the 12 of December (depending on the website…) and take advantage of their that day only sale or surprise. Enter to win giveaways or use special coupon codes! Online only.


12 Days of Christmas Sales and Giveaways - Godiva Chocolate


12 Days of Christmas Sales and Giveaways - Starbucks

Starbucks 12 festive holiday gifts



12 Days of Christmas Sales and Giveaways - Dell Computers


12 Days of Christmas Sales and Giveaways - Netted



12 Days of Christmas Sales and Giveaways - the Ellen Show

Ellen Show Tune in to see these fantastic prizes and watch all show long to see the names of the 25 lucky winners.

12 Days of Christmas Sales and Giveaways - Oprah

Oprah Twelve lucky readers will win the Favorite Things chosen by Oprah



12 Days of Christmas Sales and Giveaways - Norwegian Cruise Lines

Norwegian Cruise Line

12 Days of Christmas Sales and Giveaways - Thai Airways

Thai Airways 12 days special fares

Eversave San Antonio

Does anyone here like to win free stuff?! (I know I do!!)

Thanks to Eversave San Antonio, one of my fabulous readers is going to walk away with a gift certificate to Dallia’s Hair and Nail Studio ($55 value!!)

Multiple Ways to Enter and Win:

  • Simply leave a comment at the end of this blog post on which local San Antonio restaurant or retailer you’d like to see featured on Eversave next!
  • Tweet:  I want to win an @EversaveSAT deal on! Pls RT! #gbcontest
  • Follow me on Twitter:
  • Become a Fan on Facebook:
  • Tag “Geekette Bits” in a wall post on Facebook with a link to this blog post!

Eversave San Antonio

** All winners must have already signed up for Eversave San Antonio! **

Did you know?? Eversave San Antonio:

  • Local deals offered DAILY! National deals offered as well!
  • Get $2 off coupon just for signing up today!
  • Convince you’re friends to sign up too, you’ll get $10 for EACH friend as soon as they make their first Eversave purchase!

Eversave San Antonio | Dallia's Hair and Nail Studio


Become a fan on Facebook:

Eversave San Antonio Facebook

Follow their tweets, @EversaveSAT:

Eversave San Antonio Twitter

The winner will be selected randomly on Tuesday, November 22! Check back to see if you won!

2011 Black Friday Store Hours

Don’t forget to check out my 2009 Black Friday post and my 2010 Black Friday posts for my past Black Friday shopping plans and favorite websites. I read through them and both still absolutely apply!

Based on the stores listed by Black Friday 2011, I sorted the stores by open hours (a LOT of stores are opening their doors at midnight this year!!) so that you can strategically forgo sleep and pace yourself like I plan to from midnight to 10am (at which point the major deals are mostly over…)

After spending one year fighting Kohl’s website outages (let’s performance test people!!) I have been paranoid about doing all my shopping online. Where do you plan on shopping?  The list of over 40 stores below link to their Black Friday newspaper ad.

*I’ll update this list the week of Black Friday with more stores and store hours!

2011 Black Friday Store Hours



iPhone App:


Black Friday Store Ad
Black Friday Hours
Bealls 12am
Best Buy 12am
GameStop 12am
Little Tikes 12am
Macy’s 12am
Old Navy 12am
Shopko 12am
Walmart 12am
Toys R Us (Holiday Express) 12am-10pm most stores
Target 12am-11pm
Kohl’s 12am-12am (open 24 hrs)
Sears 4am-1pm
Avenue 5am
Fred’s Super Dollar 5am
Gordman’s 5am
Lowe’s 5am
Michael’s 5am
Sam’s Club 5am
A.C. Moore 5am-10pm
Babies R Us 5am-10pm
Electronics Expo 5am-10pm
Burlington Coat Factory 5am-11pm
Radio Shack 6:30am
Five Below 6am
Jo-Ann 6am
Office Max 6am
Tractor Supply Company 6am
Gander Mountain 6am-10pm
Fashion Bug 8am-9pm
Walgreens 9am-6pm
La-Z-Boy 9am-9pm
Bon-Ton Sale hours: 12am-1pm
JC Penney Sale Hours: 4am-1pm
Kmart Sale hours: 5am-11am
Sports Authority Sale Hours: 5am-3pm
Menards Sale hours: 6am-11am
Cabela’s Sale: 5am-10am
Dick’s Sporting Goods Sale: 5am-2pm
Bass Pro Shops Sale: 6am-11am


2011 Back to School Coupons

Looking for some back to school coupons? Below are almost 50 coupons at various clothing and office retailers to help meeting all your back to school clothing needs while staying within your budget!! Let me know if you’d like to see coupons from particular stores in the future, this is a list of stores that I found currently offering discounts.

*Click on the store image to be taken directly to the offer page or coupon.

Notice that some coupons expire soon and some don’t expire until the end of the year! 😀

Retailer Discount Coupon Code Expiration
15% off + Free shipping on $50 SCHOOL 08/08/11
$20 Off $80 purchase 20SCHOOL 08/07/11
$10 off $50 | $15 off $75 | $20 off $100 Purchases KIDSBTSPrintable Coupon 08/06/11
$10 off coupons Printable Coupon 09/25/11
$10 off $50 Kids School Uniform Purchase 12DOCKERS10Printable Coupon 09/17/11
Free Amazon Prime for college students for one year Online Offer
25% off Your Entire Purchase 10071 08/07/11
Free Shipping on Any Order (No Minimum) FREESHIP711 08/08/11
20% off purchase 29756561 08/07/11
15% Off Any Order 79361031 09/01/11
20% off purchase 39456721
Printable Coupon
30% Off Any Order FRIENDSFB 08/07/11
30% Off Any Order FRIENDSFB 08/07/11
20% Off Entire Order AUGUST20 08/31/11
20% off $100, 25% off $150, 30% off $200 BRNEW 08/07/11
15% off entire purchase ENTXB24 12/31/11
40% off entire purchase AUGFLASH11 08/09/11
20% off entire purchase printable coupon Printable Coupon
$15 off $30, $30 off $100, $60 off $200 or $90 off $300 1605 08/07/11
25% Off Entire Purchase (Regular Priced Items) 124864343Printable Coupon 08/25/11
15% off $89 LKS1TCB3 10/29/11
$10 off $60 EXTRA60 10/15/11
30% off entire purchase 30OFF 08/07/11
25% Off Your Entire Purchase 30180 08/06/11
20% off $60+ HTA20AUG 09/02/11
10% off purchase DBGAFF10 01/26/12
20% off entire purchase CCAUG62 08/09/11
Various Michaels coupons Printable 09/30/11
$25 off $75+ purchase 1290 10/31/11
$10 Off $50 15863609Printable 08/09/11
20% off purchase 42565 08/31/11
$25 off Your Purchase of $100 or more SASV815 09/05/11
15% off entire purchase H3E2011 09/05/11
20% off + Free Shipping 465 08/18/11
$15 Off $100,$30 Off $150,$75 Off $250,$150 Off $500 FA1127349 08/15/11
$15 Off $100,$30 Off $150,$75 Off $250,$150 Off $500 DIVEIN20 08/07/11

2011 President’s Day Sales and Coupons

Ready to shop until you drop? Check out the 44 printable coupons and promotional codes for in-store and online savings at your favorite retailers! Hurry thought because more expire at the end of President’s Day although a couple don’t for a couple days, weeks!

Let me know if you’re looking for something in particular, it looks like a great time to do a little retail therapy!

Retailer Discount Promo Code Expires
presidents day sale - hancock fabric Printable President’s Day Coupon, 8am-12pm ETNZF 02/21/11
presidents day sale - walgreens Online, save $10 Off a $60 Purchase PRESIDENT10 02/26/11
presidents day sale - gap 44 styles already marked up to 44% off; save an additional 30% w/promo code GAPSALE30 02/21/11
presidents day sale - petco 20% OFF Sitewide; free shipping >$65 president65 02/22/11
presidents day sale - old navy Everything 50% off Sale; in-store printable coupon here ($10 off $50 purchase) 02/27/11
presidents day sale - ann taylor loft 25% Off Your Full-Price Purchase; Free shipping on all orders $125 or more PRESIDENT 02/21/11
presidents day sale - perry ellis Save 35% Off Your Entire Purchase; Free Shipping >$50 PRESIDENT35 02/21/11
presidents day sale - l.l. bean 15% off your Entire Purchase (online & in-store) THINKSPRING 02/21/11
presidents day sale - hp $30 Off a $150 Purchase LHD30 04/30/11
presidents day sale - justice Extra 40% off entire order (in-store,and online) 733 02/21/11
presidents day sale - new york and company $30 Off $75, $70 Off $150 + Free Shipping 3306 ($30 off $75)

3303 ($70 off $150)

presidents day sale - the children's place $5 Select Styles + 30% off already reduced items (Online + In-Store); free shipping >$50 FSPRESIDENTS 02/21/11
presidents day sale - borders 33% off List Price of 1 item BAX3447N 02/21/11
presidents day sale - land's end 20% off Everything; Free shipping on orders $50 or more PDAY11 & PIN 2162 02/21/11
presidents day sale - hot topic Extra 50% off clearance (online & in-store) 02/21/11
presidents day sale - tommy hilfiger An Additional 30% Off Sale Items 02/21/11
presidents day sale - old navy $5 Off your purchase of $25 or more (in-store only) 02/21/11
presidents day sale - 70% off Gift Certificates EAT 02/21/11
presidents day sale - american eagle outfitters 20% off Entire order & Free Ship + $10 off Button down shirts (Online) 29864001 02/21/11
presidents day sale - michaels 20% Off Entire Purchase plus 6 more coupons; 40% any one item 2/22-2/26 02/21/11, varies this week
presidents day sale - william sonoma hom Extra 25% Off All Sale Merchandise PRESIDENT25 02/22/11
presidents day sale - old navy 15% Off $50, 20% Off $75 (Online + In-Store) ONPDAY 02/21/11
 presidents day sale - american apparel 15% off Select Items makeover 02/21/11
presidents day sale - victoria's secret Extra 20% Off Clearance Boots, Coats & Sweaters 20SHOP 02/20/11
presidents day sale - banana republic Extra 25% Off Alreay Reduced Items BRPRES25 02/21/11
presidents day sale - nautica 30% off your entire order CHIEF30 02/21/11
presidents day sale - pier 1 imports $10 Off a $50 Purchase (In-Store) 02/21/11
presidents day sale - ralph lauren Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store – 20% Off Your Entire Purchase 02/21/11
presidents day sale - ann taylor loft 25% Off Your Full-Price Purchase; Free shipping on all orders $125 or more PRESIDENT 02/21/11
presidents day sale - pottery barn Extra 15% off all clearance items SAVE15 02/21/11
presidents day sale - j. crew 20% Off Women’s Items on Orders of $150+ FABFEB 02/21/11
presidents day sale - big lots 20% Off Entire Purchase 03/06/11
presidents day sale - rack room shoes 20% off $60 02/21/11
presidents day sale - sports authority $10 off $50 or $25 off $100 SAPRES10E 02/21/11
presidents day sale - aerie $10 Off a $40 Purchase 28264592 02/21/11
presidents day sale - new york and company $25 Off $75 or more (Online + In-Store) 5521 02/21/11
presidents day sale - macy's Extra 10-15% Off Regular, Sale, & Clearance (Online + In-Store) PRESIDENT 02/21/11
presidents day sale - ann taylor Extra 40% off Entire store 02/21/11
presidents day sale - the limited 20% Off Any Purchase; $15 Off Every $50 Purchase (Online + In-Store) 664; 241
presidents day sale - office depot $10 Off $50 (Online & In Store) 62601225 02/21/11
presidents day sale - guess 50% Off Sale Items + Free Shipping 02/21/11
presidents day sale - barnes & noble 20% Off Online Price for Kids’ and Teen Books A8T7C7M 02/21/11

2010 Unknown Black Friday Deals

Although there are a lot of popular Black Friday websites (check out my post from 2009 to see my favorites), I wanted to post some ads that I have found that I don’t think have gotten enough attention.

Black Friday Tips

  1. Never Assume –  Although I’m a HUGE online shopper, last year there were several websites not prepared to handle the traffic generated by Black Friday.  Don’t assume the website will work, if there is something you really want, go in-person.
  2. Store Hours – Check out that link for common stores and their shopping start times.  Know if the store if offering Thanksgiving hours, Thanksgiving online hours, Black Friday hours, and Black Friday online hours.  No two stores were created equally.
  3. Research – Check out that inclusive link to the left!  Includes tons of stores and their Black Friday offers.  Know how much something is worth before you look at the discounted price.  It might not be a great deal after all.
  4. Confident Purchases ONLY! – If there is something that you have second thoughts about buying, DON’T buy it.  If you don’t know if it’s really that good of a deal, don’t buy it!  You’ll be able to get great discounts again as soon as Christmas is over.  This is not your only chance…don’t sweat it.
  5. Location, Location, Location – When planning my in-store purchases, I consider the demographic of the different store locations.  Is there going to be a bigger demand for the XBOX Kinetic at the Walmart off I-10 and 1604 or Fredericksburg, TX?  If there’s a huge deal you know is worth it, save purchase time by going to the less busy store, even if the drive’s a little longer.

Good luck and remember that there’s always post-Christmas sales!

Hot Destination Deals:

Southwest Vacations Black Friday hotels

Southwest Vacations – offers “great prices for limited time” (Black Friday through Cyber Monday) and includes Las Vegas, Orlando, Los Angeles, Ski resorts, and more!

Southwest Air Fare – With prices starting at $59, one-way, purchase starting 11/23/10 through 11/29/10 for travel 01/04/11 through 03/09/11!  Check out the extensive list, here.

Starwood Resorts – Check out this massive hotel line’s Cyber Monday deals!


Broadway Across America – Ticket deals available too!  Check out a list of shows offered at discounted prices at a theater near you!

Educational Deals:

The Scholastic Store –  Take an extra 20% off w/ FREE shipping when you use “ssbf20” at checkout, now until 11/29/2010.  Enjoy up to 75% off!

the Houston Museum of Natural Science – Save $10 off $50, $25 off $100, and $50 off $200 purchases with this printable coupon.  Offer valid 11/26–11/28.


Vera Bradley –  Spend over $100 at this retailer and get a FREE holiday tote!  ($48 value!)


The Limited –  40% off EVERYTHING, in-store and online!  Don’t forget you’ll also get a FREE mini-bag w/ $75 purchase (also both online AND in-store!)

Haverty’s –  The first 50 get $50–$250 off certificates, sale starts at 8am so you’ll have time to hit a couple other stores first.

Crabtree & Evelyn – FREE shipping of orders over $25 with incredible lotions 50% off, buy one get 50% off site wide, 50% off select gifts and fragrances!

Smart Home – Ever want to completely automate your home?  Preheat your over w/ your cell phone?  Lights controlled by remote?  Take a look at their exclusive savings, NOW through the end of 11/26!

Golf Galaxy – Starts online Thursday, 11/25 at 12AM ET.  Save big on clubs, gear, and more!  $1.99 flat shipping rate!

Bed, Bath, & Beyond – Shop early and save 20% off your ENTIRE order, including clearance items! – not only will you enjoy severely discounted items, you’ll save 10% off your entire purchase and enjoy $1 shipping!

Dining Deals:

Denny’s – Enjoy 20% off your entire ticket, the entire day at Denny’s!

September Printable Coupons and Online Deals

As everyone is getting settled back in school, I found almost 40 printable coupons and online codes for your favorite stores and restaurants! Some of the deals don’t even expire until the end of the month, some well into the end of the year, one even until the middle of next year!

I’m going to try and post these at least once a month – let me know if there’s anything you liked to see make the list.

Retailer Deal


15% Off Your Order

Coupon code: 34198641


Aveda Men Pure-Formance Dual Action After Shave FREE Sample


Arby’s – Free Jr Shake w/ Any Sandwich Purchase


Ann Taylor- 25% Off “Already Reduced” Prices

Coupon code: ENJOY25

Advance Auto: Spend $100, Get $50 Back + free shipping


Build-A-Bear: $10 off orders $50 or more

Coupon code: 95309


Burt’s Bees Natural Toothpaste $1 Off Coupon
Borders: 20% off List Price Any One Item

Coupon code: BEG93010X


Ben & Jerry’s : Buy One Cup or Cone, Get One Free
Barnes & Noble – 15% Off One Item (All Customers)

Coupon code: K8F7F4C


Bass Pro Shops – $20 off order of $100 or more

Coupon code: savepc4


Bath & Body Works: 20% off entire purchase

Coupon code: F102455


Crayola Store: $5 Off Any $25 Order + Free Shipping

Coupon code: CRAFALL10


Coinstar: FREE $10 iTunes Card when You Cash In $40 or more on an iTunes Certificate


Express – $25 Off $50 Or $50 Off $150 Or More


Gymboree – 20% Off Entire Order (Printable Coupon)


Gap: 20% Off Entire Order w/ VISA card (

Coupon code: VISAWEB20

9/30/10 : $20 off $100 purchase

Coupon code: 20DOWN


Hallmark: 25% Off Paper Cards and Party Products Coupon code: PARTY25


Hobby Lobby: 40% off one regular priced item (online and in store)

Coupon code: 5082


Jessica Simpson: 20% off on Any 2 Items, 30% Off Any 3

Coupon code: 2OR3


Get $5.00 off a Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change
Joann: 40% Off the Regular Price of 1 Item (online) (Joann)

Coupon code: AE288


Leap Frog – 15% off $50

Coupon code: COUPON15


Lord & Taylor Signature Sale – Save an Extra 20% Off

Coupon code: SALE


Lowe’s: Various Printable Coupons for Household Cleaning Products
Oriental Trading Co- $5 Off $20 +, $10 Off $40 +, $20 Off $75 + Purchase

Coupon code: ACSEP10


Office Depot : $20 off $100 purchase

Coupon code: 73039011


Planet Hollywood – $10 Off $20 (Printable Coupon)


Quiznos: $1 off a regular or $2 off a large sub + 1 catering printable coupons


RedBox: Free DVD Rental w/ Kiosk Code

Coupon code: DVDONME

Ralph Lauren: Extra 10% Off Coupon

Coupon code: BZR29369 : 80% off Gift Certificates (

Coupon code: REDPLUM

Children’s Place: 10% off any purchase online (The Children’s Place)

Coupon code: WA78


The Container Store- 25% Off Annual Shelving Sale


Urban Outfitters: 10% off your entire purchase

Coupon code: CLASSACT


White House Black Market – Take $20 Off Any Purchase of $100 or More (White House Black Market)

Coupon code: 9175


Yankee Candle: $10 off $25 Purchase (Online & In-Store) (Yankee Candle)

Coupon code: PHKKYR5


Over 250 Retailers’ Twitter Names | Find Your Favorite Stores on Twitter

Tons of retailers on Twitter

Find your favorite retailers on Twitter! Follow their tweets for contests, promotional offers, great deals, and coupons! Get even more connected to the company! Contact their customer service department if you got less than stellar service! Here are the ones I follow, for the most updated retailers following my own retailers list on Twitter:

and of course my tweets here: where I post a lot of coupons and deals I find!

Over 250 retailers including clothing, book stores, hardware, techie, automobiles and more!


Twitter Handle

Retailer’s Website

1-800-FLOWERS begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-800-FLOWERS end_of_the_skype_highlighting.COM
99 Cents Only Stores
Abt Electronics
Acura Insider
Allstate Insurance
American Apparel
American Eagle
Anchor Blue
Aroma Housewares
Arrow Sheds
Avelle/Exec VP Merch
B&N Review
Backyard Botanical
Banana Republic
Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble eBook
Barnes and Noble
Barry Judge
Bass Pro Shops
Beachbody News
Beachbody Web Team
Behr Paint
Best Buy
Best Buy Remix Team
Black & Decker
Blick Art Materials
Brunswick Zone
Buzzy Seeds
Bway Across America
Cables Unlimited
Callaway Golf
Calvin Klein
Campbell Hausfeld
Chad M and CAN team
Champion AC
Chris @ Polar USA
Chris Hosford
Chris Somers
CLR Cleaners
CNET Car Tech
Coach Inc.
COAST Products
Coleman Campfire
Dan Bedore PR
Dave & Buster’s
Delta Faucet
DICK’S San Antonio
Dicks Sporting Goods
Dillard’s Inc.
Discount Tire
Dodge Autos
DOVE Chocolate
DSW Shoe Warehouse
eBay Inc.
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company
Forever 21
Frank Eliason
Gale Pacific
Gap Outlet
GE Appliances
Glamour Beauty
GM Blogs
Godiva Chocolatier
guy stephens
h&M Canada
H&M United Kingdom
H&R Block
Half Price Books
Hallmark Cards
Hallmark Mobile
Hennes & Mauritz
Hickory Farms
Hollister Co
Hot Topic
Houston Galleria
Hurley Clothing
Hyundai USA PR
J.D. Power Online
Jaguar News
Jim Trainor
Kate Marshall
kate spade new york
Kelly C.
Kelly@ Quicken Loans
Kodak Gallery
Lacy Simon
Lakeshore Learning
LifeWay Stores
Liz Claiborne NY
Louis Vuitton US
Lucky Brand – Sales
Maybelline Insider
Melissa Payner
Miss Marm
Monitronics Security
MSN Autos
New York and Company
Newegg (Official) Deals
Office Depot
official adidas shop
Official Hobby Lobby
Official Roxy
Old Navy Official
Oriental Trading
Pampers Village
Patrick Robinson
Paul Frank Store SF
Payless Shoes
Pier 1 Imports
Plusnet PLC
Pocket Wireless
Promo George
Random House Kids
Red Bull
Sam’s Club
SAT Word Whiz
Scotts Turf Builder
Sephora USA
Sluggy Patterson
Smarthome Inc.
SPARK Editor Emily
Sport Clips Haircuts
State Farm
Texas Golf Tour
TexasRed Books/Quilt
The Body Shop
The Childrens Place
The Container Store
The Home Depot
The Home Depot
The Land of Nod
Things Remembered
Tim Mulcrone
Toyota USA
Tracey @
Trex Company
Urban Decay Cosmetic
Vera Bradley
Vibram FiveFingers
Volvo Cars US
Walmart Beauty
Walmart MP3 Deals
Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers
west elm
Woodstream Corp
Woot Off
Woot Workshop
Xena Nguyen
Y Vodka CEO -Tony

2010 Mother’s Day Deals, Printable Coupons, and Online Offers

Almost 50 retailers and restaurants are listed  below with printable coupons, online promotional codes, and other sales for Mother’s Day this year!  Make this year memorable by finding affordable gifts for the special women in your life!  (Or finally treat yourself to something special, without the guilt!)  Use the discounts to buy books to read with your children (or for yourself), buy some special new clothes, finally get those pictures developed, and much more!

Some coupons don’t expire for several months and some expire today!  Hurry and find what coupons your looking for!

Retailer Deal Promotional Code Expires
1-800-Flowers Save 20% Sitewide MDSW2 4/28/2010
Advance Auto Parts 15% Off Everything w/ No Minimum Online W615 4/28/2010
Ann Taylor Take an Extra 25% Off All Sale Items SALE25
Aveeno Printable $1 Coupon Off Any Baby Product Printable Coupon
Aveeno $3 Off 2 Positively Nourishing Body Care Products + $1 Off Daily Moisturizing Lotion By Mail Signup to get discount!
Barnes & Noble 30% Off Gifts for Mom & Select Titles (In-Store + Online) Y7U3D4T 5/3/2010
Bath & Body Works $10 Off a $30 Purchase “APRIL50” 5/9/2010
Borders 33% Off List Price On One Item (Online + In-Store) BBA7579D 4/28/2010
Brookstone $5 Off a $50 Purchase AF5MAY 5/31/2010
Calvin Klein 20% Off Entire Purchase welcome1012 5/4/2010
Charlotte Russe Reusable 25% Storewide Discount Coupon (Online or In-Store) Signup to get discount! 5/2/2010
Coach Factory Stores 30% off a purchase over $250 or 20% off a purchase under $250 Printable Coupon 5/9/2010
Crabtree & Evelyn $10 Off Any Purchase Online, No Minimum MOM210 5/9/2010
CVS Photo 25% off All Mother’s Day Gifts 25MOM 5/3/2010
Delia’s 20% Off Entire Order SUNNY20 4/29/2010
DSW Get a $10 bonus card w/ each purchase of a $50 or more gift card in-stores and online 5/9/2010
Gaiam $15 off $75, $20 off $100, or $25 off $125 AFSPRING 5/15/2010
Gaiam $.99 Shipping on Any Order Over $75 AFSPSAVE 5/31/2010
GAP 20% Off Your Online Purchase GAPSAVEBIG 4/30/2010
Hobby Lobby 40% Off One Regular priced Item Online 5989 5/1/2010
Hobby Lobby 40% off printable coupon Printable Coupon 5/1/2010
Home Depot $5 Off a $50 Purchase SAVINGS26 5/2/2010
J. Crew Extra 20% Off All Spring Styles EXTRA20 4/30/2010
JCPenney $10 Off a $25 Purchase LUV4MOM 5/9/2010
Joann Fabric 60% Off Entire Custom Framing Order Printable Coupon 5/8/2010
Joann Fabric 40% off 1 Regularly-Priced Item Online SED128 4/30/2010
Juicy Juice $1 off Sparkling Beverage Printable Coupon
Macy’s Extra 15% Savings Pass Off All Sale and Clearance Apparel Printable Coupon 5/3/2010
Macy’s 25% Off Friends & Family + Free Shipping MACYSFF 5/3/2010
Meow Mix $1.00 Off Any 3 Cups of Market Select Wet Cat Food Printable Coupon
Motherhood $50 certificate with $75 purchase (In stores/online) CRAVE50
Motherhood Free Shipping for Orders $75+ MHMOMFS
New York & Company $25 Off a $50 Purchase 4538 5/13/2010
Office Depot $10 off $50 (In-Store, Online, & By Phone) 26421793 5/3/2010
Oriental Trading Company 20% Off Entire Order CLASS2010 5/31/2010
Perry Ellis Extra 30% Off Online Coupon Code FANDF30 5/3/2010
REI Outlet Save 50% or More 80% Off Coupon Code – $25 gift certificate for $2!!! MEAL 4/30/2010
Saks Off 5th 30% Off Any One Item (In-Store) Printable Coupon 5/4/2010
Schick Disposable Razor $2 off any One Schick Disposable Razor Printable Coupon
Scholastic Store Buy 3 Books, Get 4th Free SSSMRC 5/10/2010
SnapFish 20% off gifts for mom MOMSDAY10 5/9/2010
Stride Rite 20% Off a $50 Purchase (in-store & online) SUN20 5/13/2010
Target 10% Off Entire Order 2ROZVVHX 7/4/2010
The Sharper Image 10% Off Any Order AFMAY2 5/15/2010
The Sharper Image Take $20 off an Order of $150 or More! SAVE20 4/30/2010
Toys R Us $10 Off a $50 Purchase 936072 5/16/2010
White House | Black Market $20 off a purchase of $80+ (Online & In-Store) 9125 4/28/2010
Yankee Candle Buy Any Lg Jar or Tumbler Candle, Get 1 50% Off – In-store/Online Link to Coupon 5/9/2010

2010 Earth Day San Antonio TX

Alamo Quarry Market will host an Earth Day recycling event from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday.

When: Saturday, April 24 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Where: Alamo Quarry Market { MAP }

Guadalupe River State Park invites you to Family Fun Day to celebrate the grand opening of the Children’s Discovery Center and Earth Day { MAP }

*All activities are free with regular park admission.

  • Enjoy the grand opening of the new Children’s Discovery Center with activities and giveaways and stations
  • Learn about plants and seeds
  • Try nature drawing
  • Play Earth Day games
  • Catch water insects
  • Try hands-on archaeology
  • Guided nature walks start every hour on the half hour and discuss geology, insects, animal tracks and trees/plants.
  • 2 hour hike in the Honey Creek area of the park is offered at 9:30 and 1:30, meeting at the Rust House.

When: Saturday, April 24 from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Where: 3350 Park Rd 31 | Spring Branch TX 78070 { Google Map }

San Antonio Zoo and the San Antonio Zoo’s Green Team will be hosting an aluminum can collection drive in honor of Earth Day. Visitors who donate 10 aluminum cans for recycling will receive a FREE reusable shopping bag with the Zoo logo.

When: Thursday, April 22, 2010 from between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Where: San Antonio Zoo { MAP }

SAC Go Green! Earth Day Festival
Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, several green businesses and non-profits will be at San Antonio College to educate about eco-friendly living. @SAC_PR

*Additionally, a Corona Visions recycling truck will collect used batteries, CDs, cell phones and other electronics (but no TVs or monitors), and SAC student volunteers will recycle paper, plastic, aluminum and glass.

When: April 22 from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Where: San Antonio College { MAP }

April Coupons | Online Deals, Printable Coupons

Check out 20 printable coupons and online promotional codes to help save you money! From different restaurants, book stores, clothing, and other retailers, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of these incredible offers! Save money on magazines, greeting cards, and geek-ware.

Click on the images for a direct link to the printable coupon or online offer.  Some offers don’t expire until August of this year!

Retailer Discount Promotional Code Expiration
$10 Off a $30 Purchase



15% Off Regular Price Items – No Minimum (Online)



Amazon Magazines -2 years for the price of 1



25% Off Dream Sale + Free Shipping



Free Movie Ticket w/ Purchase (Mail-In Offer)

Mail back in form


Free Hallmark Kids Greeting Card (In-Store)

First card FREE


$15 off $60 Coupon Code



Coupon for a FREE Western Bacon Cheeseburger at Carl’s Jr or a FREE Little Thickburger at Hardee’s when a Monster Energy Drink is purchased

Fill out Form

Limited time

20% Off Entire order, Free 5 Ct Sidewalk Chalk w/ Orders over $20

Coupon code: CRASPR10, Exp:

(20% off)

Coupon code: FREECHALK10

(Free Chalk)


Clearance Sale – Up to 70% Off



$10 Off a $30 Purchase (In-Store)

Printable Coupon


$10 off $50 Purchase (in-store only)

Printable Coupon


80% Off Dining Certificates



Free Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich w/ Drink Purchase (Printable)

Printable Coupon


$10 off $70 or more + free shipping



Free tote with swim purchase



10% Off your entire purchase



20% off $100 Purchase



Santikos Theatre Reel Deal Rewards Club

Because I simply texted the word SANTIKOS to 95613, I heard that Santikos Theatres started their Reel Deal Rewards Card again, through the following text alert:

SANTIKOS REWARDS CARD IS BACK!  Enroll on-line today for 250 points  automatically! Thank you for being a loyal Santikos guest!

*More information on Santikos Mobile VIP program…

What does 250 points get you?  It got me the following:


If that’s not enough for you you’ll also get alerted to other coupons and specials before others AND have the opportunity to earn even more FREE stuff w/ additional purchases!

After signing up you receive a card like this:

Santikos Theatre Reel Deal Rewards Card

that will also have your name and special member id.  After 4-6 weeks you’ll receive your permanent card…however don’t wait to start earning!  Print out the card OR simply save your member ID to your phone (or write it down on paper) and show it to the ticket office and concession stands before making a purchase.

Program Details:

  • Earn 1 Point for each dollar you spend
  • Add up your points for FREE Stuff!
  • Check your receipts for rewards after your purchases

{ Terms and Conditions }

Find a Santikos Theatre near you!

Don’t forget to follow @santikostheatre on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook!

Ben & Jerry’s Free Ice Cream Cone Day

Friday, March 23, 2010 is FREE Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s from 12pm-8pm. RSVP for the event on Facebook (along w/ 90,173 as of 3/19)!

Other interesting links:

2010 Six Flags Fiesta Texas Coupons

My sister’s birthday is coming up and we’re thinking of spending the day/night at Six Flags Fiesta Texas! This blog post not only includes coupons and current offers but important links to make your day at Fiesta Texas as easy and fun as possible! Of course I can’t make a purchase without making sure there aren’t coupons…here’s what I found:

$15 off Coupon for Admission to Six Flags Fiesta Texas

{ Coupon }

*Valid through November 21, 2010

Six Flags Fiesta Texas - $15 Off Coupon

Everyone Pays Kids Prices – $34.99!

{ Pay Kids Prices }

*Valid through November 21, 2010

Six Flags Fiesta Texas - Pay Kids Prices

  • Buy one general use ticket, get one FREE!
  • Next day FREE
  • Buy one, get one free – Monday through Friday

Six Flags Fiesta Texas - Multiple Coupons

HEB Season Passalthough you can buy your season pass from HEB’s Business Center, it doesn’t look like they’re currently offering anything special.

Daily Tickets vs. Play Passes vs. Season Passes

*Click here to buy tickets.

Daily Ticket

  • One time ticket, take advantage of kid’s prices ($34.99)

Play Passes

  • Unlimited visits to ALL Six Flags Theme Parks ($49.99)

Season Passes

  • Unlimited visits to ALL Six Flags Theme Parks ($59.99)
  • 4 FREE tickets for friends (for use on THESE special days)
  • Coupon book worth $300

Group Rates

  • Groups of 15-99 Purchase tickets by March 31 and pay our Early Bird price of $21.99+ tax per person.
  • Tickets purchased after March 31 pay only $24.99+ tax per person.

Online Meal Deals

  • Save money and time by buying meals (individual/group) online at a discounted rate

Calendar of Events

  • See what’s coming to Fiesta Texas!

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