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Best of 2015 Lists

Tweet Best of 2015 Lists A lot of people have been creating their end of the year “Best of 2015” lists and I wanted to aggregate them so you could go through them quickly. I have linked to the stories linked or listed below and tried to embed a couple of videos for easy viewing […]

My Dad Knows How to Serve

Tweet My Dad Knows How to Serve A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog post Celebrating My Mother, and I have been mentally writing the one about my dad since. These kind of posts are hard to write because there is so much incredible information I want to share for people who don’t know […]

77 Brands Celebrating #LoveWins Today

Tweet 77 Brands Celebrating #LoveWins Today In the excitement of today’s news that gay marriage legal in ALL 50 states, I decided to check out how brands, government entities, non-profit organizations, and travel destinations were spreading the love so to speak. I didn’t really order these in a particular order (though I did give some […]

Benefits of War: Medical Advances

Tweet Benefits of War: Medical Advances As we celebrate Memorial Day this year and humbly remember and consider the women and men who have died serving our country, I wanted to share some benefits that war brings and the on-going research that the military and their partners are exploring. I am not advocating that war was worth these advances, […]

Celebrating my Mother

Tweet Celebrating my Mother In honor of Mother’s Day, 2015, I am starting a new mini-series on my blog to highlight the amazing examples of traditional and nontraditional motherhood. Science behind the Series I won’t turn this into a cognitive science post, but people quickly categorize people into groups. One label includes the mother or […]