God Gave Us the World | Lisa Bergren

God Gave Us the World

Written by Lisa T. Bergren

Illustrated by Laura J. Bryant

This delightful children’s story uses a wise mama bear to help her cubs understand- the beautiful world that God has made, full of all types of different bears. They journey across the globe to see bears in different habitats that enjoy different types of foods. The book has a very genuine tone and does not succumb to clichés or cheesiness which many children’s stories do. The mama bear also uses excellent imagery to really drive the important messages home.


The book also ends on a perfect note, using the example of the God being sad when we don’t take care of His earth…just like the brother bear gets frustrated and hurt when his younger twin siblings hurt his toys.

My 8 year old enjoyed the story but would definitely be appropriate for someone as young as preschool aged.

Discussion Questions

Another thing that I love about the publisher’s website, there is a FREE downloadable PDF of questions for the entire series to discuss with your child afterwards. Sometimes parents don’t want to come up with all the thought provoking questions…or maybe you’re a Sunday School teacher, looking for a new lesson. These colorful discussion questions are worth checking out here as well.

Coloring Sheets!

Download these printable PDF coloring sheets from the beloved series:

  • God Gave Us the World – Download
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Learn more about all of Lisa Tawn Bergren’s books, here. She’s the best-selling author of over 30!

Although Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes, my opinions, positive or negative are my own.

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