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Since starting my blog, Geekette Bits, in March 2009, I have enjoyed growing my readership from one loyal reader (my then boyfriend, now husband) to over 20,000 unique visitors a month.  Back then, my husband recommended starting a blog because we’d be out, someone would ask a random question, and I would happen to have all these details about it.  I’m great at consuming large amounts of data (whether it be about food, great deals, or a new website) and summarizing it for easy ingestion by others who might not have as much time or experience.  Over the past couple of years, Geekette Bits has provided me with incredible opportunities to meet new friends on different social media channels, visit new places, and play around with new toys.

Geekette Bits caters to a diverse audience -parents, geeky l33t programmers, and every day Joes.  I feel compassionately about making life easier for people (whether that’s on their wallet or in the amount of time they spend working on something.)  I’m going to do the grunt work – searching and comparing online and in the paper regardless of who reads my blog…everything posted is something I wanted to know or was curious about.

Please take advantage – let me know what works and what bytes.  😉  Feedback?  I’d love to hear that too!  Feel free to contact me here.

Mission Statement:

Geekette Bits aspires to continuously provide the following insightful, valuable bits and bytes of information that will:

  • Enlighten everyday readers of time and money saving opportunities.
  • Offer great activities (whether it’s raining, with kids, or via the internet.)
  • Reveal/introduce unknown tips and tricks to use with local and virtual resources.

Not only provided in the most concise, intuitive manner, readers can access it from multiple Web 2.0 platforms and share it quickly and easily with anyone who’d also benefit.  Geekette Bits seeks to build an interactive community whose members also contribute important information as well.

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  1. Hello! Just wanted to reach out to you and see if you would be willing to provide me your email address to have your contact information to send you some updates about about some area businesses we work with in case you wanted to check them out. Hope to hear from you soon!

  2. Hello there,

    I saw a piece about you in the community paper here in the Leon Springs/Hill Country, San Antonio and would love to connect with you.



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